John Oliver Blasts Trump Administration’s Marijuana Policy

Sometimes you just need a British man with no dog in the fight to take the fight to the man. John Oliver did just that on the return of Last Week Tonight. This 16+ minute monologue goes IN on the absurd difference between America’s state cannabis laws (see: legalization central) and our federal cannabis policy (see: Schedule 1).

From marijuana remaining a cash business to patients getting fired for medicating to our government’s delusions, Oliver hits this one reeeeaal hard and absolutely nails it:

“Those [weed election] celebrations happened the same night Trump was elected. It’s like celebrating your baseball team winning on the deck of the sinking Titanic.”

“Marijuana is not a Schedule 1 drug any more than a Hedgehog is a predator.”

“Thats like driving exactly the speed limit being pulled over by a cop that tells you, sorry  federal speed limit is 3 and your driving 62. And also you have to be drunk. Surprised, you’re fucking arrest now.”




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