Everyone Cares That Kendall Jenner Went to a Coachella Weed Party and Didn’t Smoke Weed

If a celebrity went to a Grey Goose party and failed to take a shot of vodka…would doves fly? No.

But if Kardashian-blood goes to a Weedmaps Oasis party and (gasp!) doesn’t smoke weed…then it’s “news.” TMZ with the hottest take from Coachella weekend claims that Kendall went to the dankest party in the desert and somehow abstained from the devil’s lettuce:

Eyewitnesses tell us Kendall attended Weedmaps’ “Marijuana Oasis” party after Coachella closed its final curtain Saturday night, but did not take one puff of pot herself.

We’re told Kendall arrived at around midnight with an entourage of 9 — including Hailey Baldwin and A$AP Rocky, who was performing that night alongside Tyler the Creator, Action Bronson and others. And while nearly everyone around her indulged in bud, sources say Kendall made it clear she wouldn’t be joining. [TMZ]

Instead? She danced and had a good time at a party. The horror. But if you look into this social media post deeper–is this devil emoji signifying that she took a walk on the wild side and ingested some of Satan’s produce?


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Who cares. It’s 2017 in California at Coachella. Whatever “eyewitness” goes to a weed-themed party and spends his or her time monitoring whether or not a girl smoked weed should sit on a cactus.


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