Lionel Richie’s Bassist Stabbed Himself After Eating Edibles

Your weekly reminder that eating too many edibles can result in a really bad time. Ethan Farmer, the dude pictured (below) on the right, ate some weed brownies or cookies and then lost his mind, repeatedly stabbing himself.

Law enforcement sources tell us a 911 call came in at around 10 PM Tuesday … the caller reporting a stabbing victim. Paramedics rushed to a San Fernando Valley apartment where they found Ethan Farmer bleeding profusely. [TMZ]

The 42-year-old farmer was taken to the hospital and didn’t seem to suffer any serious injuries. He’s covering, and will likely be fine. But it’s a reminder that edibles are something to tread lightly with.

Even a small (20-50 MG) dose can have a large effect if consumed by a novice. And even if you smoke a lot of weed, that doesn’t mean you’ll have the same tolerance with edibles. They metabolize differently and have a much different way of effecting us than simply smoking a doobie would..



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