Live on the Loopr Lounge at Sensi Night 6/22/2017

Denver’s premier cannabis tourism company, Loopr, gives you a live look into what the city’s true cannabis culture looks like. With it’s enormous, pimped out party dab bus, the weed party bus helps give the city a safe place to smoke up. Check it out:

It was lit and we were live at another Sensi Night with Sensi Mag in Denver, Colorado. When the cannabis community and the marijuana industry in Colorado get together in Denver, the puff bus is always there to give consumers a safe place to socialize and consume cannabis together.

Our E-Nails we’re cooking all night as dabs of live resin and hash oil flooded through the bus’ sensi system. There was smoke, there was music, and there was an industry gathering to remember.

Our Livestream got over 44,000 views and reached over 168,000 people! Tune in to see what a live look into the Loopr bus shows:



And stay tuned to more events like this!



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