The Marijuana “Oasis” at Coachella Looks Like a Good Time

It’s hard to walk around Coachella without smelling weed–but it’s also impossible to find weed to buy inside the festival grounds. With the annual two-weekend festival always taking place on or around 4/20, however, there’s always smoke around the Indio Valley.

This year, there will be even more smoke: Weedmaps is bringing a Marijuana “OASIS” to the desert to light people up. While it’s not actually inside the festival grounds, the OASIS is only six miles way.

The space will feature some sci-fi looking domes (pictured above) which each house a different type of weed theme. There’s a dome for vaping, edibles, and old-fashioned weed smoking…and hopefully a dome for dabs!

It sounds legit:

The compound will reportedly consist of two grow houses, a greenhouse, and five geodesic domes each offering a different marijuana experience, such as edibles, vaping, and regular smoking. The pot itself will be provided by GenX, Brass Knuckle and West Coast Cure, and all products will apparently be given away for free. [Consequence of Sound]

You got to know someone or be a VIP at Coachella to get into the event. But once you’re in there, it’s straight weed heaven.

The next logical step? Let dispensaries set up shop within the festival and sell some weed!

Image via TMZ



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