Obama, Asked to Legalize Weed in Hawaii By a Stoner, Chuckles

President BHO is currently kicking it in his home state of Hawaii where he’s golfing, he’s hiking, and he’s presumably wishing for (and maybe sneaking in) puffs of some Maui Wowie. Cause he’s the chillest/most relatable President ever–hell, what other President plays golf with Ray Allen and Steph Curry in his free time!

While hiking the famed Koko Head trail, Obama (with shockingly little security visible) appears out of nowhere to the delight of many. But in that crowd was none other than legendary glass maker Jerome Baker and his (or his son’s) entourage.

One of JBD’s friends tells Obama to “legalize it on your way out.” Obama responds with his patented weed-related chuckle.

Watch it below via Jerome Baker’s Instagram and also peep Obama’s casual hiking outfit:

It was a landmark social media day for Obama: the President also sunk a 40-foot-chip and then showboated:

America is going to miss this guy. Especially when we get stuck with Hillary Clinton.



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