Pack of “Sundae Driver” Weed Seeds Goes for $2,500

Another week another crazy seed auction courtesy of the homie at Seeders Palace. If you thought it couldn’t get much higher than the $1,650 the Purple Punch x Purple Punch F2 by Symbiotic went for…well then think again.

Cannarado’s “Sundae Driver” (Fruity Pebbles OG x Grape Pie) sold for a cool $2,500 to Garden Godz on Seedser’s Palace Instagram auction. Yeah, it’s a seemingly ludicrous price to pay when most packs go for $50-100…but when a pack is this special, the strain coming out of it will probably be well worth the price of admission.

Colorado-based Cannarado is one of the hotter breeders in the game, and the Sundae Driver won’t ever be made again. And just like last week’s auction, this one has Jungle Boyz hype to thank.

Grown by LA’s finest and Instagram’s hottest growers, the Sundae Driver certainly has the “wow” factor and bag appeal just by looking at it on a computer screen:

Note: while this is the highest auction price I’ve seen, neither of these prices are a seed sale record. Instagram commenters have directed me to packs going for upwards of $5,000–thankfully, that one pack was for charity purposes




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