Packers TE Martellus Bennett Raps About Cap’N Crunch

If you eat Cap’n Crunch, there’s a solid chance you smoke weed. If you rap about Cap’N Crunch as a guest on Snoop Dogg’s GGN…you most definitely smoke weed and there’s a solid chance you eat Cap’N Crunch for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Hot off his Super Bowl win, Martellus Bennett aka The Black Unicorn, has switched squads from New England to Green Bay. Suffice it to say the newest Green Bowl Packer is living up to his legacy thus far…and that legacy is one that includes saying awesome things most NFL players are too shy to say:

Martellus Bennett: club member. Captain Emeritus of our NFL Stoner Team, this guy is going places. Most likely to another playoff berth and Safeway to stock up on the Cap’n.



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