“Sexxpot” Weed Strain Claims it Gives Women Orgasms

A little while ago I came across this article in Playboy about a strain of weed that purportedly makes woman come. Yeah, that sounds pretty sweet:

the THC levels in Sexxpot offer a euphoric body high that especially makes women feel “more in their bodies and less cerebral,” so they can more easily orgasm during sex.

The obvious issue? It’s the lamest bullshit marketing ploy of a strain I’ve ever heard. The guys at Mr. Nice making this claim are obviously completely full of shit…but it got them in Playboy, so well played.

Yeah, maybe the strain makes sex better–but you could say that about just about any strain of weed. Hard pass on this strain being any different than an OG Kush or a Blue Dream in the sack.

Now…if you extract the strain, turn it into a tincture, and toss is in there…then we’re talking. And that’s essentially exactly what Foria is.



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