Stoner Theory: Squirrel Master in Half Baked Was Mary Jane’s Father

This might be the greatest #TBT stoner edition of all time.

The best stoner comedy of all time, Half Baked is a pretty straight-forward film with a simple “watch stoners try and solve a problem” plot to follow. But the simple movie might have an insanely sneaky-yet-clever plot twist that literally sent my mouth gaping this morning.

While visiting Kenny in jail, Dave Chappelle’s Thurgood Jenkins comes across his instant fling: Mary Jane. While in jail, Kenny’s savior from an ass chafing by Nasty Nate is none other than Tommy Chong’s the Squirrel Master.

Soon after they start dating, Mary Jane tells Thurgood that her dad–who she was visiting in jail–was locked up for selling weed. In the movie, there’s then zero correlation between the two stories. Kenny becomes Squirrel Master’s bitch, and Mary Jane becomes Thurgood’s bitch.

At the end of the movie (pictured above), Mary Jane makes Thurgood toss out his last joint and swear off weed.

Flash-forward to today. Fast Company recently featured a picture of Mary Jane (Rachel True) at a women’s in an article. Readers of the article began tweeting that it couldn’t be her cause Mary Jane doesn’t smoke weed to which she responded…


She’s either playing serious games on our high-ass minds or dropping a knowledge bomb on us.

It’s really so obvious it hurts…but the dad Mary Jane was visiting in jail HAS GOT to be Tommy Chong…right?

Crazy stoner conspiracy or not, this seems to confirm that the Squirrel Master was more than one of the sneakiest funny character of all time. He was actually the catalyst that set the entire film’s entire subplot into motion in a crazy genius way.

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