.@VICELAND Sent a Joint Into Outerspace for 4/20 #WeedWeek

You know 4/20 is around the corner when there’s a joint being sent off into the clouds. VICELAND is (literally) doing that right now.

The joint, sealed in a see-through (glass? plastic?) container, is likely being flown by a drone across the sky. It’s unclear how high up the joint has gotten, but the 250,000+ people watching this joint “spectacle” are likely all very high.

It’s a little trippy, but after five minutes, it’s just a joint with a nice screensaver–thought if I was on shrooms, it would be perfect. More than anything, it’s just a great marketing ploy by VICELAND and a stellar way to kickoff the high holiday

“This is better than the Godfather 3” indeed…

Watch a joint fly through the sky right here.

And don’t forget to tune into Bong Appetit and Fuck That’s Delicious’ 4/20 Specials:





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