Fire the DEA? Fire the DEA!

The DEA’s recent decision to keep marijuana a Schedule I drug pissed off the cannabis community. Cause whether the DEA thinks it’s true or not, the DEA puts marijuana in a class with the worst drugs in the world (well, besides ecstasy):

Now, the cannabis community–via the Drug Policy Alliance specifically–is fighting back and fighting back with a simple cry. That cry is “Fire the DEA”: burn and destroy the DEA like the DEA does to thousands of pounds of our marijuana crops every year. Pillage and read the DEA’s broken system and replace it with a logical system that makes marijuana the legal plant it should be.

In more political terms, the DPA’s main talking point, along with marijuana being a Schedule 1 narcotic, is that:

The DEA was created in 1973 to enforce federal drug laws. The results have been devastating: wasted resources, mass incarceration, racial disparities, civil rights violations and scandal after scandal. Treating drug use as a criminal justice issue instead of a health issue has led to disaster. Yet Congress has rarely scrutinized the agency, its actions or its budget. []

If the war on drugs is lost, the war on weed was put through a paper shredder and then incinerated. And that’s what the DPA recommends doing to the DEA. Here are few other great suggestions they make:

“The DEA should be abolished and folded into the FBI. This would be more efficient and better for public safety. If the DEA is not abolished, then its mandate should change to reflect the goal of violence reduction, not drug reduction.”

Translation: the DEA harms us more than they help us. If, like the FBI, the DEA focused on international smuggling rings and real, violent crimes and left cannabis alone…then the DEA would serve a purpose.

“Federal drug enforcement should focus on large cases that cross international and state boundaries, with a priority toward violent traffickers and major crime syndicates. All other cases should be left to the states.”

Translation: Stop arresting Johnny Dope in Tennessee with a dime bag and focus on the Pablos out there.

“Congress should audit the DEA to review its operations, expenditures and actions.”

Translation: Hold the DEA accountable for their mistakes.

Responsibility for determining drug classifications and other health determinations should be completely removed from the DEA and transferred to a health or science agency. []

Translation: the DEA isn’t a doctor. Let people who actually understand the health and science behind cannabis control its classification.

Simply put, the Drug Policy Alliance just put the DEA in a body bag.



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