Harry Potter Arrested Selling Weed in England

J.K. Rolling’s Harry Potter came to life in York, UK. A 19-year-old sharing the name with the GOAT wizard was caught riding around on his moped flinging dime bags on the streets of York.

There was no snitch on Potter, who told the cops he left his broom at home in an attempt to “blend in”:

The 19-year-old, who shares his name with the fictional character from J. K. Rowling’s series about witches and wizards, was stopped while riding his moped on January 19.

Police noticed a strong smell of cannabis and pulled Potter over.

Potter, of York, was found with three wraps of cannabis and £70 in cash on him.

He pleaded guilty at York Magistrates Court on Thursday to possessing a class B drug with intent to supply. [Mirror UK]

Potter was also slinging cannabis infused Butterbeer to the streets. Stranger than fiction indeed.

(The first HP book came out 16 years ago aka when the real Harry Potter was three years old. What a burden of a name).



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