Chile Votes Yes to Legalize Home Growing, Decriminalize Cannabis

Chile, along with many South American countries (see: Uruguay), already has a modest form of medical marijuana in place. But that form of medical cannabis only benefits a mere 200 Chilean cancer patients, as most of the grows go towards “studies.”

But now, thanks to an initial positive vote by Chile’s lower House, more progress appears to be on its way. The lower House voted 68-39 (nearly 2:1) in favor of a bill that would both legalize home growing (up to 6 plants) and also decriminalize recreational cannabis use.

The bill still needs to pass a Chilean health commission and then the Senate before becoming law. Given Chile’s recent liberal approach to marijuana reform, it would be a surprise if this bill does not come to fruition.

While unclear if this bill’s approval would pave the way for a systematic, regulated retail model in Chile like Colorado’s, it’s clearly designed to liberate the nation’s tokers once and for all.

From America to South America to Europe, the wheels of change are in fast motion. Every week (or day!), a new nation makes strides to end prohibition.

And it’s for real.



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