Iceland Smokes More Weed Than Any Other Country

The weather might be frigid in Iceland but the weed is apparently plentiful in the low-key nation.

While the report citing Iceland as the top blazer isn’t new, the following map outlining marijuana use across the globe is as are the accompanying maps about other drug use. Here’s how the weed use shapes out, courtesy of Recovery Brands:


(That means about 175 out of 1,000 Icelandians smoke up).

Translation: Iceland, a country without legal weed and no really publicized weed culture, tops the United States, then Spain, the Czech Republic, and finally France. While it’s odd not to see the Netherlands make this list, it should be noted the nation’s long-standing cannabis cafes and relaxed weed policy actually reduces cannabis consumption.

Otherwise, there’s no real major surprises. America obviously has its current legal weed on the rise, Spain has many a cannabis club, the Czech Republic (Prague specifically) is Eastern Europe’s hub for weed, and France has a ton of Moroccan hashish in its borders.

The results for other substances like alcohol, cocaine, and amphetamines are also interesting, with the United States oddly making all but the alcohol list. And the U.S. tops the amphetamine list (thanks adderall) which should also come as no surprise.

Check out the other maps right here and begin planning your trip to Iceland.




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