Israel to Decriminalize Cannabis for Personal Use

Israel, a medical marijuana research hotbed and worldwide leader in cannabis culture (for real), announced the nation will take another progressive step by decriminalizing personal marijuana use.

Earlier today, Israel’s Public Security Minister, Glad Erdan, stated he supports a panel’s recommendation that the nation should shift away from “criminal prosecution” and towards “administrative fines and educational campaigns.”

Under the new policy, getting caught smoking weed in public would only result in a 1,000 shekel fine (0r $265). Minors would be entered into treatment programs if caught smoking the stuff in public.

This plan has been underway for some time, and while Israel’s cabinet still needs to approve the measure, the Security Minister’s support and the surrounding makes this effort sound like a sure thing. With Israel a growing medical marijuana nation and one with plans to export medical cannabis, the loosening of outdates cannabis laws is a natural decision.

If you’ve never been to Israel, know this: they’ve got some good weed out there. On Birthright (pictured above), I went eight crazy nights without smoking weed. Finally, on our last stop in Tel Aviv, I found some gas through a mutual friend’s plug. The strain didn’t have a name, but it did have crystals, it did have a chem nose to it–and this little amount did get me and three friends absolutely blitzed on a beach in Tel Aviv:

israeli weed looks like THIS



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