Italy’s Army is Growing 220 Pounds of Medical Marijuana

Last year, Italy both decriminalized cannabis and unchained 10,000 marijuana prisoners.

Now, with medical marijuana on the Azzurri’s mind (Italian doctors can prescribe the stuff), the government has turned to an ironic source to produce pot: the country’s military. While the nation announced its army would experiment with growing cannabis last September, the nation’s first seeds have just begun to sprout into plants.

According to the BBC, Italy’s army will “churn out 100kg (220lb) of the drug annually” in “a military-run pharmaceutical plant in Florence.” The Italian goal of homegrown cannabis is to curtail the need to import medical marijuana from other countries like the Netherlands.

Since this imported medical marijuana often costs as much as 35 a euro for one gram, this military marijuana intends to drive the price down to a more affordable 15 euros per gram.

It’s 2015 and armies in Europe are literally growing weed that they once put people behind bars for using.

Translation: stoners will soon rule the world.



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