Mexico Plans to Legalize Medical Marijuana & Possession of an Ounce

Mexico and President Enrique Pena have long been teasing the idea of legalizing medical marijuana. In November, the country’s Supreme Court ruled that four Mexicans with medical conditions could legally grow their own medical marijuana.

Now, President Pena wants to take this liberation a step forward. Last week, Pena announced that he will soon introduce a bill that would “allow the use of medical marijuana and decriminalize possession of up to one ounce.” Mexicans could carry up to 28 grams of bud on them, and the medical marijuana bill would interestingly allow Mexico’s patients to consume and to even import medical cannabis.

But more significantly, the bill would also empty Mexico’s prisons of anyone who’s locked up for having less than an ounce of weed. While that doesn’t empty the nation’s prison system of every pot prisoner, it’d be a nice start.

With cartel violence in Mexico still raging onward, President Pena clearly sees the need to focus his police force’s time and energy towards real criminals. Hopefully this bill becomes reality.

If this bill goes through and Canada does in fact legalize in 2017…America would sadly become the last North American nation to federally legalize the stuff.



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