Teens Get High, Get Lost in Forest, & Call the Cops to Rescue Them

Have you ever been so high you literally forgot where you were?

Last week, a couple of Canadian bros ingested some anonymous drugs (likely LSD or shrooms), entered the Lackie’s Bush (a forest in Ontario), and then got so spun they couldn’t find their way out of the 50-acre park. So rather than taking a deep breath and trying to retrace their steps and enjoying nature, they promptly dialed 911 and send the pigs on a mission.

But all they saw was bark:

When a police dispatcher asked one of the young men if there were any landmarks around, he responded that he saw trees. So the dispatcher tried asking him to shout “Help” to alert the searchers, according to Acting Sgt. Adam Morris. Instead, the man said “Yeah,” in a quiet voice.

“Our dispatcher was able to determine they were on something,” Morris said. [National Post]

Well no shit. Especially when you learn the cops found the two space cadets “silently staring off into the sky” after  a three person search team and a dog found them. The duo wouldn’t divulge what drugs they took, and claimed they just “didn’t know” what was going on.

They were taken to the hospital, but weren’t charged with any crime other than taking drugs like complete amateurs. Not only is this forest not that big, but a major highway runs around it making it quite easy to get rescued.

I’ve never in my life called the cops no matter how fast my heart was beating or how spun I was, but one time in high school had a friend (now a lawyer) so high on shrooms that he took our pound of weed, threw it into the woods, claimed the cops were coming (and that he would call them), and claimed he got a tip from Jesus.

We gave him a Xanax and he was fine but never ingested shrooms again.

Getting lost on weed happens to me about once a week when I’m looking for my car in a parking lot or leaving a concert. That’s why you simply write a note in your phone as to where you’re parked and/or where you came from if you’re in the great outdoors.

Just seize the moment and never call the 5-0. It’ll only make your trip worse.



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