Ithaca College Named Top Stoner College By Princeton Review

When you think of the American university with the biggest case “Reefer Madness”, schools like CU Boulder, Humboldt State, UC Berkley, UofDubs (Washingt0n), U of Vermont, U of Oregon, and pretty much any major school in California, Colorado, Washington and Oregon come to mind.

When you think of Ithaca College, you think of frigid winters, safety schools, Cornell, and most notably: Road Trip and Tom Green. The little school with just over 6,000 students may be most known for its role as host school in Tom Green’s epic performance, but it’s students also really like pot, apparently more so than any other college in the country according to the Princeton Review.

And that’s probably (well, definitely) because there’s not much else to do when you’re a college student in Upstate New York (that comes from experience). The Princeton Review recently released its annual college rankings, and this time around included a “Reefer Madness” category which sees Ithaca at the top followed by an odd array of East Coast Schools.

In fact, until Evergreen State College (that’s in Washington) at #5, there’s oddly not a single legal or medical marijuana state in the top five. Take a glimpse at the whole list:

1. Ithaca College

2. Skidmore College (also upstate NY)

3. Eckerd College (Florida)

4. University of Vermont (Phish)

5. Evergreen State College

6. Green Mountain College (Poultny, Vermont–572 students)

7. University of Colorado (Boulder)

8 .UC Santa Cruz

9. Colorado College

10. Pitzer College (Claremont, CA)

Considering you’ll find a lot of stoners on any college campus aside from like Notre Dame and BYU, the list is mostly negligible/just for kicks. The list having more East Coast schools up top doesn’t really make a ton of sense but cause it’s based on student surveys, who knows what % of students at each school even responded (or answered accurately).

But believe it or not, there is some testament to the East Coast’s heavy weed claims. Some of the best weed grows on the East Coast, and we’re mainly talking about the legendary Sour Diesel. And there’s no shortage of the stuff on any college campus in the nation.



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