Las Vegas Ban on Weed Parties Promoting “Public Consumption”

Now that weed is legal in Vegas, you’d expect the strip clubs, the pool parties, the suites to be dripping in THC. But that’s far from the case–there’s literally nowhere to legally smoke the stuff in Sin City other than in your own home.

And the city’s force monitoring marijuana licenses made the ban on public consumption events–or even promoting ones that may include weed–very clear. The Department of Business License threatened companies with revoking business licenses if they’re seen promoting weed parties.

We write to remind you that public consumption of marijuana is unlawful,” Holloway’s letter states before listing over a half-dozen types different violations. “The only place in which it is legal to consume marijuana is at a private residence for private use.”

If you want to throw a weed yoga party or get high on a party bus, mum better be the word and you better not post about on social media. The full letter is below.

The city is supposed to be working on “solutions” like licensing places for people to consume…but that resolution seems far away. The panel is supposed to meet again this week to discuss what they’ve been discussing since March: giving people places to smoke.

And when you’re talking about Sin City and the party capital of America…that’s a serious problem.

Private parties with weed at them are as simple as the First Amendment. Give us the freedom to smoke in privately with our people, and we’ll all stop complaining.



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