Could Las Vegas Outdo Denver as America’s Amsterdam?

As anyone who follows cannabis news now knows, Nevada has recently become one of 8 lucky states to pass recreational marijuana regulation. That means as of Jan 1, 2017, anyone that is in the state of Nevada, and more specifically the city of Las Vegas, will be able to purchase and hold up to an ounce of cannabis or an eighth of an ounce of cannabis concentrate.

The city’s medical dispensaries have already been flourishing, especially as they have been accepting medical cards from other legal states. An ingenious idea for business purposes that will soon mean little to most as a card will no longer be needed to buy and consume pot.


Blum Dispensary in Las Vegas


In addition to its medical program, Vegas has also been the home of the annual Marijuana Business Conference and Expo, which currently boasts 300 exhibitors and 7,500 participants. So, as you can see, the city in the desert was already quite supportive of the miracle plant we all know and love, prior to this recently passed bill.

So how does this all related to Europe’s most infamous pot haven? The honest truth is that Las Vegas is a juggernaut. A place like no other, where tourists flock from around the globe because of its ultra-relaxed stance on, and even extreme promoting of, partying. Sound familiar? Amsterdam, although different in many ways, has plenty of similarities to that of Vegas. A sort of notorious, bending of the rules feel. Casino gambling. Prostitution. Shows and entertainment. And now, weed.

What about Denver? The Mile-High City has indeed spearheaded legal marijuana in the United States and taken it the furthest in regards to cannabis related travel. Tourism has gone up every year since recreational legalization began, and there is an undeniable worldwide buzz about Denver that surpasses any other legal area in the States thus far. And though, still not like Amsterdam’s coffee shop model, they are about to allow pot smokers to partake in certain bars, clubs, and concert halls. This is a more lenient advancement in the legalization bills most cities and states have initially pushed through, bringing it one step closer to the Amsterdam’s highly successful ways.


A Dispensary in Denver, Colorado Known as River Rock


Now, if you could, imagine Las Vegas sometime in the future allowing visitors to smoke up in bars, clubs… casinos? If this happened, it would be one more reason for tourists to make the pilgrimage to Sin City. There is evidence that millennials don’t like to gamble in casinos anyway. They like to burn ganja. So if you happen to live anywhere on the planet where weed is still unfortunately illegal, and you also love a poppin’ party, why wouldn’t a uber pro-marijuana Las Vegas be high on your radar?

Don’t expect this to occur anytime too soon. It took Denver 3 years to adjust their policies. There is also a strong pushback being led by certain casinos and their owners that essentially complain that the booming marijuana market will only take money out of their pockets. They are fighting tooth and nail to not allow their version of Vegas to end up like Amsterdam.

But then there are those who claim that the mountains of money that their city would undeniable rake in from letting the public toke up in a variety of venues is clear as day. Democratic Senator Tick Segerblom (best name ever) is one of those pushing the envelope in Vegas when it comes to cannabis. He’s already requested a bill next year that would allow Amsterdam-style coffee shops. In fact, he says that he envisions a whole entertainment district centered around marijuana, surely done in a way only Vegas could do.


Senator Tick Segerblom in a Wonderful Mood


As more and more states and cities allow legal marijuana in this country, there is only one Las Vegas. It is odd. It is unique. It is bizarre. It is incredibly entertainment driven. Will it be the most prominent place for globetrotters, party seekers, and weed blazers alike to drop on in and take care of all their desires, nicely wrapped up into a single neat little package?





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