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Get Really Stoned and Watch This starRo Video

You may be unfamiliar with starRo but he’s someone you should check out when you need something extremely smooth to vibe to. The Japanese producer was nominated for a Grammy for his remix of The Silver Lake Chorus’ “Heavy Star Movin.” The video for the track features an interpretive dance sequence from Penny Wild and Austin Spacy.

The Trp Bring Back R&B Groups in Style with “before you know it”

The group of three singers who are also multi-instrumentalists (drums, guitar, keyboardists, sound designers) hail from various countries in the world. As a result, they produce all of their music. They have put out a new song off their upcoming EP. I couldn’t be more excited since I’ve been pushing for R&B groups to make a comeback, heavy.

Skepta Releases Video for “No Security”

The song was re-released late last year.

Migos Shoot Another Epic Video with 2 Chainz for “Deadz”

This one involves some Inception camera tricks, making it rain on dead presidents, and wild cinematic shots.

Watch This Footwork Video That Highlights Chicago Culture

Chicago poet Kevin Coval will release a collection of poems on April 11 titled A People’s History of Chicago. The foreword will be written by Chance The Rapper. It’s all about “the history of Chicago through 77 poems, from before white folks arrived to the Cubs winning the world series.” To help visualize Coval’s work, Chicago footwork dancer Litebulb hit the corner store with the poem “Baby Come On: An Ode to Footwork” and Chance’s “Everything’s Good (Good Ass Outro)” playing in the background. You can pre-order the book here.

Fabolous Has His Own Rap Snacks Flavor


Now you can buy chips with Fabolous’ face on them while you listen to Fabolous.

And Here’s Jordan Peele Impersonating A Drunk Barack Obama



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