Leftover Shake from 2/28

Sylvan Esso Steal a Cop Car in “Die Young” Video

The duo Sylvan Esso is ready to release their next album What Now on 4/28 but before that, we get the video single for “Die Young.” While Nick distracts a cop with some homemade device, Amelia makes a break for the car and takes a joyride. The synth-work on this one is especially groovy.

Kweku Collins is Permanently Booked for an “International Business Flight”

With a new project, grey, on the horizon, Kweku lets loose a new single about the growth in his career and the busy schedule that has come with it.

Sporting Life and Allan Kingdom Join Jamie Isaac for “Beauty” Remix

The English producer is remixing his Couch Baby project and one of the singles off of it comes complete with work from Ratking’s Sporting Life and vocals from Allan Kingdom. The remix album will be out March 17.

Nokia is Looking Out for Drug Dealers

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 5.31.48 PM

While every phone company is trying to get to the future before everyone else, Nokia is revisiting one of its most popular models from years ago: the 3310 or as many lovingly know it–the brick phone. It’ll come in four colors, 2G connectivity (LOL at anything below 4G), a 2MP camera (LOL at anything below 8MP), and Snake, of course. Oh, and it’ll have a headphone jack unlike the new iPhones. You can get more info here. Basically, drug dealers rejoice for your new old favorite burner phone.

Warm Brew and Buddy Throw the Party of the Year in “I Swear” Video

The California group signed to Red Bull Records link up with i am OTHER’s Buddy for a wild music video. “I Swear” comes off Diagnosis.



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