Licensed Oregon Grower Tied Up, Beaten & Robbed of 100s of Pounds of Marijuana

Pictured: Billy Bob Thornton and Ryan Phillipe in the epic Homegrown

2016 wasn’t the first year in which marijuana growers got robbed–but it was the first year that this kind of crime became mainstream news. The last victim of this immoral crime was 56-year-old James Bowman of Wimer, Oregon.

Wimer was hospitalized “for several days” after masked thieves (and likely former employees) tied up, beat him, and snatched hundreds of pounds of weed. The case is under investigation but no arrests have been made and the identities of the rippers remains unknown.

What’s crazy about this story is that Wimer is a licensed, legal grower in Oregon’s industry. He’s also a long-time Oregon grower and one of the bigger outdoor operations out there with 40,000 square outdoor feet.

This isn’t a California grey area situation (see: the murder) but it’s almost more surprising and definitely a wake-up call. Yes, legal grows in Colorado get ripped on a semi-regular basis as well (like earlier this year) and, sadly, deaths do happen.

Don’t blame it on weed though–blame it on the fact that it’s a cash industry cock-blocked by banks and a cash industry with a ton of cash in many states with a ton of hungry eyes on that cash.

All grow facilities need security and they need beefed up security on-the-clock. Grows and growers–both legal and not–have targets on their heads that won’t go away till banks let them start operating like real businesses.

All grows and dispensaries also need something else: people they can trust. The type of people who are in this industry not for dollar signs but for the love of the game.

There is simply no scum worse than the type of scum that would steal weed for profit (if you’re stealing it for AIDs patients in Haiti, that’s something I could get behind). Weed is mea



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