Louisiana Senate Says Yes to Legalize Medical Marijuana

The race to become America’s 24th (+DC!) medical marijuana state is on like Donkey Kong. That race will likely come down to Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and perhaps Missouri, though seven states in total have pending legislation.

And after the state’s Senate voted 22-13 in favor of medical marijuana, Louisiana has the early edge on its competition (Pennsylvania’s Senate has yet to vote). Louisiana’s extremely restrictive bill mirrors ones like New York’s, as the state would permit only 10 dispensaries and a measly one grow operation to open for business.

Just like in New York, Louisiana’s patients would not be able to smoke the stuff, but patients with ailments ranging from glaucoma to cancer would be able to vaporize or use infused products. But before New Orleans goes (kind of) up in vaporization, Senate Bill 143 must pass the state’s House before reaching the Governor’s desk.

Thereafter, should the House give grass the green light, Governor Bobby Jindal  has publicly stated he would sign off on the bill. That signage would likely make Louisiana the 24th medical marijuana state in America.

Which in turn means if Pennsylvania and one other state legalize medical cannabis this year, America has officially hit its medical pot tipping point.

As for Louisiana, allowing safe access and then taking weed further with legalization seems like a no-brainer for a state still recovering from Katrina that could use the extra tax dollars. With a reputation for topless women, lethal hurricane drinks, and drunken debauchery, a little weed might do some good in NOLA.



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