Man Busted With Weed in His Kid’s Lunchbox

A lunch box is pretty much the perfect head stash container for a couple zips. I actually bought one yesterday for that exact reason cause.

However, I don’t have a kid, and if I did have one, I definitely would not put my weed in that kid’s lunch box. Especially while driving with that kid in the backseat like this guy in Louisiana just did.

That’s exactly what happened when 27-year-old Jeremy Johnson was busted yesterday. After cops pulled him over for a traffic violation, they smelled the (obviously not vac sealed) odor of bud, Johnson told them where the bud was, and now he’s facing possession of a controlled dangerous substance in the presence of a minor.

This guy will probably lose his job and maybe his kid even though Louisiana kind of has decriminalized cannabis possession. Yeah, it’s a dumb spot to put your weed if your kid is in your car with you, and yeah, he deserves to probably get some kind of slap on the wrist.

But I’d bet the guy simply panicked when he was pulled over and didn’t know where else to put the stuff. If weed was legal down south, I wouldn’t even be typing this BS story.



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