Man Found Dead With 500 Pounds of Marijuana

31-year-old Johnny Taylor of Connecticut was found dead in Gwinnet, Georgia with over 500 pounds of pot valued at $12 million.

The report states that Taylor was found dead of what appeared to be natural causes on Monday around 11:00 a.m. when a 911 tipster said they spotted “a man slumped over near a white van.” When the cops started poking around the scene, they soon noticed the scent of weed coming from that white van.

That’s when they discovered over 500 pounds of weed vacuum sealed in bags. They then found more weed in a nearby tractor-trailer. A security camera saw a gold Toyota Camry pull up the tractor-trailer and the man in it was questioned but not charged just yet. []

There were no signs of trauma to Taylor’s body, police said, and it’s believed he died of natural causes.

While it certainly sounds suspicious that a 31-year-old man could die of natural causes and common sense says “something is up” when a guy randomly shows up dead with 500 pounds tied to him, it might just be literally bad luck (for whoever else had a stake in this weed). If anyone actually poisoned or killed the man, that person wouldn’t exactly leave 500 pounds of weed lying around with a dead body next to it planning on coming to grab it later (unless they are really bad at crime).

However, someone, somewhere is definitely a little sad that they just lost over $10 million worth of weed because a 31-year-old croaked unexpectedly. Our condolences go out to Johnny Taylor (who was doing God’s work) and his family.

What a sad way to go out.



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