Man Who Sold Broccoli as Weed for $10,000 Gets 16 Years in Jail

KDVR – On March 14, 2016, drug dealer Tercell Davis, who went by the street name 22 Jump Street, accepted $10,000 for a marijuana sale, the district attorney’s office said.

Instead, Davis substituted broccoli for the pot. The buyers didn’t realize they were duped until they drove away.

The buyers then arranged another meeting under a different name with hopes of getting their money back or legitimate marijuana.

Davis and Colbert-Evans met the buyers the next night in the parking lot outside the food court of the Town Center of Aurora.

The pair packed more broccoli instead of marijuana, the district attorney’s office said.

During an argument, Colbert-Evans and Davis fired 11 shots at the would-be buyers. One was hit in the torso and he recovered, the district attorney’s office said.

Davis pleaded guilty to second-degree attempted murder. He’s scheduled to be sentenced Aug. 7.

“This may be the first time that broccoli has been bad for someone’s health.  And no matter the reason, anyone who is convicted of trying to murder someone in our community will go to prison.”

The guys buying the weed have to be the stupidest weed buyers of all time. In 15 yeas of buying and selling this shit I have not once in my life at least looked at the bag. And those include some $10 dime bag deals, not a $10,000 deal. And while I could see broccoli rabe looking a little bit like weed, but not that would be some stemmy weed.

In an odd way, you have to respect the balls on 22 Jump Street to roll up to a drug deal with broccoli disguised as weed. Savage. Then going back to the same guys and trying to sell them broccoli again? What a maniac. That’s the type of guy you put on the kickoff team.

Also the type of guy that shoots off a round of 11 shots going to battle for broccoli.


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