Marijuana Advocates Handing Out Joints to Congressional Staffers on 4/20

The DCMJ—one of the pro-marijuana organizations that was a major force in advocating for the recent legalization of marijuana in the District—will be handing out joints to congressional staffers on 4/20 in order to reduce stigma around the drug.

According to DCMJ co-founder Adam Eidinger, the impetus for the event was to “show that there’s a community in this country who loves this plant and uses it … [t]he main reason we’re doing this is to change the psychology of Capitol Hill staffers and get rid of the stigma. We’re saying, ‘Are you comfortable with it? Can you hang?'”

Early last week, members of the DCMJ members visited the Capital Hill area to bring attention to their effort and to invite Congressional staffers to attend the demonstration. At the time of publication, DCMJ had rolled 500 joints. However, the group hopes to eventually give out 1,227 joints, to represent HR 1227, the recently-introduced House bill that would, if enacted, end the federal prohibition on marijuana.

To comply with local laws, the group will remain on D.C. land. District laws allow for the gifting of under two ounces of marijuana to recipients over twenty-one.

If you’re a congressional staffer looking to spark up, head to the corner of 1st Street NE and Constitution Avenue NE next Thursday, 4/20.




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