Pokemon Go is Taking People to Marijuana Dispensaries

Pokemon Go literally takes people everywhere–and that includes local marijuana dispensaries. By including marijuana dispensaries in its geo-targeted “game”, Nintendo has inadvertently increased business for at least one medical marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles.

The West Hollywood dispensary AHHS Weho is a “Pokestop” where people can snag digital snacks and…medical marijuana for their Pokemons. According to the homie Dr. Dina, AHHS Weho saw an uptick in patients yesterday to the tune of 24 new patients that initially came to the storefront to simply recharge their Pokemon.

But then they saw this:

When @ahhsweho_ is your neighborhood dispensary #pokemongo stop ????

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The Pokestop is actually right outside the dispensary, but that didn’t stop people from stumbling into the green. Dina told me that “people were just really excited that Pokemon took them to a dispensary and came right in to shop. We even had a few kids try to enter that security had to turn away!”

Those 24 new customers spent anywhere between $20 and $400 (really) per customer–which means the dispensary raked in well over a thousand dollars all thanks to a Nintendo phone application/video game. In other words, just like a restaurant or gym that doubles as a Pokestop, the viral game is boosting business for at least one (and probably many more) medical marijuana dispensary in the heart of Los Angeles.

Moreover, Dina (a Pokemon enthusiast herself) discovered that Pokemon are actually hiding out in the dispensary. She caught the following two Pokemon in the dispensary’s confines:



There you have it: Pokemon do not get drug tested. And they really like award-winning, fire hash from one of LA’s best dispensaries.

(At least one dispensary in Denver is also being utilized as a Pokestop–so maybe this is no accident but a sleek way for Nintendo to get into the marijuana biz?):

We made it on the Pokémon game??? #mmjamerica

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