Mic’d Up: A Conversation With GPen Founder Chris Folkerts

The man behind the product globally recognized as G Pen, Chris Folkerts, continues his quest to elevate the possibilities through design, dedication and consistency. The rapid success of Grenco Science mirrors the fast growth of the business it is in — marketing devices prided in attention to detail and artistic creativity that allows marijuana users to enjoy their medication in stylish ways they never imagined before.


As a young child in the city of Belleville, Folkerts wasted no time to put himself to work allowing him to experience the most important values of life. Starting with a lemonade stand and his snoopy snow-cone machine at the age of four, Chris learned about responsibility and dedication early on that allowed his imagination to grow in such beautiful ways.

Chris recognizes the impact of his mothers dedication allowing him to develop such a remarkable work ethic providing his motivation to exceed expectations. “She’s all business too, that’s where I get it from.” He continues, “My mom worked full time, went to school full time and raised me.” With such a great role model impacting his life it made sense for him to strive for anything that came to mind. Chris started learning more about what he was capable of when he grew older and began to book heavy metal rock bands all around the country. Building honest rapport with artists and catering to their needs allowed Folkerts to continue to understand the appreciation for customer care. As time went on he applied his experience and passion to become the innovator helping change the stigma that’s been tied to marijuana connoisseurs.

“Overnight success takes 15 years and I watched it happen before my eyes.” Folkerts, now 34, says. “The digitization of cannabis was the tipping point for people to start to accept it.”


It is very clear that once the G Pen was introduced and marijuana users were able to enjoy themselves at the click of a button things began to change. People grew curious of the new gadget that allowed them to enjoy themselves in a manner that exuded style and grace rather than the previous conventional ways. Of course with any great innovation comes imitation by the dozens. Although aware of the many bootlegged versions of his prestige design, Chris understands the process of it all. “It is easy to have a company,” he says. “It’s not easy to build a brand.” Chris acknowledges that although many replicas and repeated designs will exist, it’s ultimately the consumers’ choice to recognize and honor quality. With great excitement it is very much understood that he has so many more great ideas and business ventures to surprise the world with.


Chris shows great appreciation for what medicinal marijuana provides for so many patients globally. Helping his grandfather through his struggles of aching back pains, Chris provided CBD cheeba chews that opened his grandfather’s world to a great deal of relief. Understanding the importance of this medicine and how differently everybody responds to it, it’s evident that being a teacher to many is another trait he embodies. “My cannabinoid receptors do not allow me to get high like other people do. It doesn’t do that to me, it’s not what it’s there for, for me.” Chris says. “It works on everyone. It does not work for everyone.” As exciting as medicinal marijuana can be, it’s honorable that he recognizes the many individuals who may simply not be able to favor the experience as well as others.


In the weeks following our discussion, Chris, was introduced to his beautiful newborn baby girl. While sharing stories about life it was clear that Chris is a strong minded talent due to his kind heart and respectful mannerism. With great excitement of becoming a parent you can only imagine what incredible thoughts and ideas have been inspired by family and love. As he grows wiser on his journey of excellence we continue to admire and honor all that his hard work has created. From the opportunities that have helped many feed their families to the innovation he is directly responsible for through his finely crafted tools of art. We are beyond ready for what G Pen will unveil next. Special thanks to Chris and everybody working extremely hard at G Pen providing the world with endless innovation and creativity.




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