Mic’d Up: A Conversation With Charlo Greene

The green rush is a movement taking the world by storm one state at a time. The foundation of it all stems from the power of knowledge. Each generation continues to provide the world with leaders who embody the courage

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The green rush is a movement taking the world by storm one state at a time. The foundation of it all stems from the power of knowledge. Each generation continues to provide the world with leaders who embody the courage and determination that is necessary for change. The world became aware of Charlo Greene quickly during a segment on Alaska’s KTVA News where she revealed her role as owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club and decided to announce her departure as news anchor with the statement “Fuck It, I quit.” As the clip went viral many across the globe united behind Charlo and her powerful decision to lead an important topic with confidence and honor. As many witnessed an astonishing moment in broadcast history take place it was very clear that something special was about to happen.


Despite such a brutally honest approach to her beliefs and ideas Charlo has been much of a introvert her whole life. Humble beginnings seemed to play a role in her shy demeanor, from sleeping on the floor until reaching her teen years to wearing the same outfit to school three days of the week, the luxuries many overlook on the daily basis are blessings she would never take for granted. Much of her focus and dedication would lead to incredible results scholastically. Having an IQ higher than 98% of the population proved how gifted she truly is.

On April 20, 2014 the Alaska Cannabis Club was born. Charlo made it her mission to help educate the masses. The movement was inspired by medical marijuana patients that didn’t have access to what they knew as a life saving plant. Since then she has grown to quietly build other business that don’t touch the plant. The biggest investment she makes continues to be in knowledge and experience. With two of the best key components to build from it is clear that the ideas are endless. She makes it known how fond she is of the search for more truth: “Audio books. Major key: audio books. I come from a place where I cannot just ask people in my community for advice on how to do what I need to get done, because in most cases I am the first person doing it, so being able to access the greatest minds in history and their vast wealth of knowledge and experience has been absolutely game changing for my personal life, my business and my spirituality.”


The terror that followed her noble stance is yet another example of absurd corruption. The state of Alaska charged Charlo with 10 felonies and misdemeanors for creating the Alaska Cannabis Club. While still awaiting trial she feels the pressure of such a great deal of responsibility. Many of her supporters that rallied behind the “Fuck It, I Quit” movement abandoned her and are no where in sight. Still that’s not enough for her to give up. She is not a quitter. The challenge only presents more opportunity. Her direct involvement of leading the discussion on medical marijuana in Alaska clearly influenced many to vote yes on the legalization of recreational marijuana. “That’s history and we’re very proud, regardless of the political prosecution I’m living through now that’s retaliation for it.” The amount of responsibility Charlo acquired is unimaginable. Her passion for her work continues to occupy most of her time and she realizes just how valuable each second truly is. “I think the one area I would need to focus on improving is carving out time and energy for non-business activities. I could go to prison for the rest of my life in a few months, so I should be focused on fun, but working to build something that’ll be here after I’m gone, a legacy, is way more fulfilling.” Time spent wisely allows her dreams to come true while helping save lives from the corrupt pharmaceutical industry that poisons the mind and bodies of people around the world.

Charlo is a true ganja goddess. Her go-to strain? “Jack Herer. The legacy behind it. Every time I light up Jack Herer I feel like I’m sending a prayer of thanks for everyone that’s ever sacrificed for what they believe in or taking a stance for what they knew was right.” Charlo continues to amaze the world with many other endeavors that keep her at the forefront of the cannabis industry. Her show, The Weed Show with Charlo Greene, is getting picked up by a larger distribution platform that will take the show from 100,000 daily live viewers, to millions. Recently she has launched CBD Body and Beauty, a variety of skincare products that can be purchased online and in over a dozen of cosmetic stores on the east coast. Expect to see that everywhere you find your other favorite luxury skincare products within 12 months. If that wasn’t enough already Charlo has began innovating in a whole new way with Greene House Los Angeles, California’s first 420 friendly co working space.


While the future presents many blessings it is very clear that her fate still lies in the hands of an Alaskan jury. With all of the good she is doing in the community it is still very disturbing witnessing the injustices within a failed system. We will continue to support Greene and her efforts of progression in the marijuana industry in hopes of seeing her continue her path of greatness. The Weed Show with Charlo Greene is live Monday through Friday at 4 PM PST on Facebook and YouTube.