Montel Williams’ Marijuana Powder Got Him Detained in German Airport

Montel Williams is a very real medical marijuana patient who uses cannabis because he has MS. And like any medical marijuana patient, the talk show host and longtime marijuana advocate brings his medicine everywhere he goes–even in Germany.

Unlike most weed travelers, Montel’s loud pack of marijuana powder (prescribed) was actually snatched by custom agents in the Frankfurt, Germany airport. And that’s probably only cause it was a marijuana powder and not, say, hash or weed:

Williams was held for about an hour Friday morning at the airport in Frankfurt while traveling on vacation. Franks says Williams was let go after showing a doctor’s note verifying the marijuana was for medicinal purposes. Franks says Williams was neither arrested nor cited. [CBS News]

And that’s seriously something: a doctor’s prescription for California’s medical marijuana actually holds up in Germany. While Germany actually is pretty chill about weed and has its own medical marijuana program, it’s still surprising that the nation let Montel slip through with his weed powder and didn’t hold it for testing or whatever.

As for Montel, this makes him infinitely cooler in my book (not that that’s saying too much). Montel claims he “inadvertently” packed the powder in his suitcase while on vacation, but that was likely a convenient excuse for flying dirty.

Saying you inadvertently packed weed in a suitcase (though believable/semi-common) on a trip to Germany is like saying you inadvertently ordered a hooker when the hooker turns out to be a cop.



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