Nappy Roots and Monday Night Brewing Release “Front Porch Pale Ale”

Kentucky hip-hop legends Nappy Roots have partnered with Atlanta-based brewery Monday Night Brewing to release a new brew, the “Front Porch Pale Ale.”

The ale features input from both parties. The brew’s name, for example, comes from one of the names of the tracks on Nappy Root’s newest album, “Another40Akerz,” the golden-brown color of the beer is a nod to the album’s cover art, and the choice to make the beer a 40 IBU is a reference to Nappy Root’s 40 Akerz brand.  Invested in the success of the beer, the members of Nappy Roots even spent a day helping brew the beer, including, as Nappy Roots producer Blake German explains “putting in hops and drain[ing] the sugars out.”

Monday Night Brewing, first established during a weekly Monday-night bible study, might seem a strange partnership for Nappy Root but, as MNB brewer Jonathan Baker explains, “First and foremost, we get along really well with the Nappy Roots on a personal level. We are all about community, relationships, and having fun while working hard. Nappy Roots has a really genuine, approachable vibe that we also try to emulate. We don’t want to be that pretentious beer brand that isn’t relatable.” For the Kentucky rap group, MNB fit their message of community and collaboration. As German explains “Well when you meet Jonathan, Peter, and Adam, there’s a true since of friendship and camaraderie, and we in Nappy Roots have been friends and brother since college which is well over 20 years. There’s just a true since of family at Monday Night and they care about there staff and everyone that works operates like a family, which exactly how our team runs. Work Hard, Play hard, love what you do!!!”

The “Front Porch Pale Ale” will be released at April 17th, beginning with an event to be held that night at the Monday Night Brewing Brewery in Atlanta featuring Nappy Roots.

Front Porch Pale Ale Release Event
Front Porch Pale Ale Release Event




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