No More Jail for Up to 4 Ounces of Weed in Houston, Texas

Score one for the good guys (finally). Houston, Texas residents rejoiced at midnight last night when Harris County’s new decriminalization policy went live.

Now, anyone caught with a quarter pound (four ounces) or less of weed won’t go to jail or even a fine: instead, anyone caught with weed has to take a four-hour-drug education class. Hopefully that class educates its students on the vast medical benefits of weed–and the current battle on the federal that may have just begun.

For Houston and its surrounding areas, it’s not only a moral win–its a fiscal win:

The policy, announced recently by District Attorney Kim Ogg, is expected to save the area more than $25 million in costs for the jail, courts, prosecutors, defense attorneys, lab testing and officers’ time.

…but weed is dangerous and bad for our country?

Under the new policy, law enforcement officers who find probable cause to arrest someone with fewer than four ounces of marijuana will do two things: confiscate the drugs and have the person sign a contract promising to take the drug education class. The pot and paperwork will be dropped off at the station at the end of the shift. []

Coming at a time when all the weed news feels like a remake of Reefer Madness, Houston finally gives us something to smile about.



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