No Concrete Link Between Weed Legalization and Teenage Use

In a political climate so divided, one thing remains the same: people still love weed. However, with that love going strong and with many states now decriminalizing the beloved drug, lawmakers are still a bit iffy about whether or not the legalization of marijuana will cause teenagers to get into the habit.

Although many have issues staying focused during a 30 second commercial or a 6 second Vine clip (Rest In Peace), people are happy to give all of their attention to our little, green friend. Unlike this trending article brought forth, by High Times, weed is not a trend. It’s here for the long haul. With this admiration growing, the federal government used to believe that with all of the dispensaries popping up, children could easily obtain the drug.

Long story short, the federal Department of Health and Human Services has admitted that at this point, there’s no link between legalization and teen use. Regardless of what Project SAM has to say. Your move, Jeff Sessions.




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