Oregon Has More Dispensaries Than Starbucks or McDonald’s

269 medical marijuana dispensaries currently operate in Oregon.

248 Starbucks operate in Oregon while only 205 McDonald’s perpetuate obesity in Portland and beyond. In other words: weed is more popular than really mediocre/crappy fast-food in Oregon.

Clearly, Americans (there’s more dispensaries than ‘Bucks in Colorado as well!) prefer their Kush to their calories. And it’s not too shocking.

As America becomes more and more health conscious and dispensaries become more and more prevalent, the logical result will be an influx of dispensaries and a decrease of unhealthy chain food. Obesity is a major problem, and one more Americans become hip to every day.

While some Americans will still knowingly make the unhealthy choice, most know that a salad and a Sativa is healthier choice than a Big Mac or a Frapuccino (aka a disguised milkshake).

In five years, as more McDonald’s continue to shutter their doors (or go healthy), expect this discrepancy to only increase. It’s the future.

[Business Insider]



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