Oregon Has a Million Pounds of Weed in Surplus

Supply and demand make the world of capitalism go round. And in Oregon, the supply of weed right now far outweighs the demand.

According to Oregon breeder and dispensary owner Archive Seedbank believes there are a million too  many pounds of weed. Since the state consumes 400,000 pounds of weed annually and has close to 1.4 million pounds of weed, there’s TOO MUCH WEED.

Yes, there’s a thing as too much weed, and that fact makes the price of weed plummet. Oregon isn’t a huge market and is a very free market–but this could be an ominous sign for the future of legal weed if canopy space isn’t more regulated.

A world in which $300 pounds are the norm is not a world in which anyone but the rich get richer. Check it:

Translation: we’re gona need to send some weed to outerspace.



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