This Pack of Weed Seeds Sold For $1,650

Image via Jungle Boyz

Weed is big business but so is what starts every new strain: seeds. New genetics turn heads and cause a frenzy, as just like shoe collectors need the new Jordans, growers and smokers want the new strains in their gardens and lungs.

Case in point: a pack of Purple Punch (Larry OG x Grandaddy Purple) x Purple Punch F2 by Symbiotic Genetics just sold for a cool $1,650 on Seedsers Palace. And yes, for those wondering, the buyer has already paid for the pack:

⚠BIDDING IS FINALLY AVAILABLE! ⚠OPENING AT 100 /MINIMUM INCREMENTS OF 10⚠@SymbioticGenetics #PurplePunch2.0 ?⛽?(#PurplePunch x #PurplePunchF2) ?⛽? ?Cash ONLY,BIDS ONLY, MENTIONS AND TAGS OK?.ENDS 24 HOURS FROM THE TIME THIS WAS POSTED. ? All proceeds go to a ACQUIRING MORE RARE SEED PACKS TO MAKE AVAILABLE TO YOU. ?⚠You have 48 hours to complete the payment WITH TRACKING SENT⚠, or it will be going back into the vault AND YOU BE BLOCKED FROM FUTURE LISTINGS .?NO SNIPING AKA BIDDING LAST FEW SECONDS? ⚠IF YOU BID YOU AGREE TO cover all shipping fees which is usually 8 bucks with tracking.⚠ Bids only. leave questions to the DM. Non payment will get you blocked from more and better items up for bid. ℹPLACING BIDS MEANS YOU AGREE TO THESE RULES.ℹ Winning bids Please DM me. ??TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS AND DONT MISS THE NEXT UPCOMING STOCK ??

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Considering standard packs typically go for $50-100, this is kind of a big deal. What makes this strain worth 16 times the standard pack of seeds? A lot of fire, and a lot of hype.

I caught up with the seed seller at Seeder’s Palace, who told me that “hype dictates the market.” Right now, there’s nothing as hype as Purple Punch, and that’s thanks to the Jungle Boyz and some of the nation’s other best growers.

Just look at the frost on this gal:

Along with Jungle Boyz, other growers pumping out the fuego Purple Punch include The Village and the Budologist. These forces, along with the Purple Punch being the real deal, caused the highest seed price I’ve ever seen.

Yes, @_mo88 certainly paid a pretty penny for Purple Punch, but the return on investment from one winning phenotype will probably wipe away this cost.


As long as the hype is real.



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