Pennsylvania Becomes America’s 24th State With Legal Medical Marijuana

Image via Reddit

Pennsylvania legalized medical marijuana on Wednesday which gives America 24 states with medical marijuana (plus Washington D.C.). That’s dangerously close to that 50% tipping point, and to celebrate, Pennsylvania’s legislature lit up its Capital Building green.

You often see buildings (like the Empire State Building) lit up a team’s color during pivotal postseason games. But the color of a plant? That’s rare–and an awesome display for a worthy cause.

The Pennsylvania House surprised some when a 149-43 vote made medical marijuana a foregone conclusion for the state. However, the law isn’t really too great: it’s a lot like New York’s in that only serious ailments qualify for medical marijuana and no herb for smoking will be sold.

The medicine is all oils and edibles and salves, but will certainly benefit those with diseases like epilepsy and cancer. Although a restrictive program, it’s still worth celebrating.

The Pennsylvania Senate will give the bill its blessing on Monday and then the state will start setting up regulations and all that fun jazz.



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