Pennsylvania Senate Votes Yes to Medical Marijuana Legalization

Pennsylvania’s state Senate voted in favor of SB 3 yesterday afternoon by a count of 40-7 which could signify the emergence of legal medical marijuana in the Keystone State.

The bill, which still must pass a House vote, allows doctors to prescribe medical marijuana to patients with severe diseases ranging from epilepsy to cancer to PTSD to chronic pain. Just like in prohibitive MMJ states like New York and Minnesota, patients would not be allowed to smoke weed: they can only vaporize or eat infused products.

But this list of diseases will allow for many patients in Pennsylvania to obtain some type of relief, as disorders like “chronic pain” open up medical marijuana to more people than just those with life-threatening illnesses.

With a similar measure and a House vote imminent in Louisiana, America has a solid chance to hit a 25 state medical marijuana threshold as soon as this year. And that’s a tipping point.




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