Protestors Arrested in Capitol Hill for Weed Then Arrested at Follow-Up Protest… for Weed

On Monday, proponents of marijuana legalization smoked marijuana outside the US Capitol Building as part of a previously-planned “smoke-in.” As a result, four protesters were charged with possession of marijuana—a violation of federal law—by Capitol police. Though the possession of small amounts of marijuana is legal under District law, it is still a punishable offense under federal law.

The demonstration was planned to protest the arrest of eight demonstrators in a similar smoke-in held outside the U.S. Capitol last Thursday, 4/20. Though the event’s organizers have stated they believe the protest took place on D.C. land, where possession would have been legal, demonstrators were arrested nonetheless, according to the Cannifornian. 

The original 4/2o protest, in which the demonstrators smoked marijuana and handed out joints to Congressional staff over the age of 21, was created to critique the classification of marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug and to attempt to reduce the stigma around marijuana among lawmakers.

Editor’s note: Maybe they should have planned a different form of protest? Like one that doesn’t involve them doing something that didn’t get them arrested originally…



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