“Shelter Project” Provides Free Cannabis Products To Cancer Patients

To ease the pain of cancer patients, Oakland-based cannabis oil company Jetty Extracts created Shelter Projects, a nonprofit which provides cannabis projects to cancer patients around the Golden State.

When Jetty co-founder Ron Gershoni’s college friend Alex Lee endured nausea-inducing chemotherapy pills during a fight with brain cancer in 2013, Gershoni gave Lee cannabis oil to try. For Lee, the pain relief provided by the cannabis oil was immediate and, according to him, essential to his recovery. Hoping to bring a similar experience to other cancer patients, Gershoni founded Shelter Projects a year later. Shelter Projects “provides free cannabis oils to cancer patients and those in remission.”

To qualify for help from Shelter Projects, patients must have both a cancer diagnosis and a valid California medical marijuana card. Shelter Projects provides resources that allow patients to choose what medical marijuana product and what type of cannabis would be most effective for them.

For more information on Shelter Projects, check the company’s informational video:




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