The Smoked Out Snoop Dogg Roast

Snoop is no stranger to comedy roasts. He casually smoked up on stage and went after both Donald Trump and Justin Bieber in the past, but now the shoe was on the other foot. Held on Wednesday at the Avalon in Hollywood, Russel Simmon’s “All Def Roast” was the spot to be. The D.O. Double G sat on a throne laughing and coughing out smoke as roasters like T.I. gave him and the other guests on the dais the business.

Meanwhile, Snoop wasn’t the only person leisurely puffing in the building. Check out TMZ’s pics of both Wiz Khalifa and Michael Rapaport blazing at their tables as they watched on. We assume there had to be many more stars partaking in this 420 friendly event. Wish we could’ve been there to join in the fun.


Wiz and Rapaport Light Up at Snoop’s Roast




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