Charles Barkley Once Got a Contact High From Nirvana

Charles “Baby Lungs” Barkley recently joined the Dan Patrick Show and talked pot shop. Barkley gave a few nice weed-heavy stories, but the winner was when he hosted Saturday Night Live and Nirvana was the musical guest of honor.

As Barkley told it to Dan Patrick:

“If you’ve ever been to Saturday Night Live the dressing rooms are like… three feet apart,” Barkley began. “I had people coming in and out, my friends, so I kept my dressing room open. Every time those guys from Nirvana opened their door I got like a contact high. It was like one of those big mushroom clouds came (out). Like, I was scared to go to the airport… When I was driving I was like, just do not go near the airport.” [Weed News]

Listen, Chuck: there is no thing as a contact high. And how are you getting paranoid when you’re not even stoned? In Chuck’s (slight) defense, there kinda is such a thing as weed paranoia even if you’re not the one smoking weed–especially if you’re an NBA player around rock stars. If you’re anti-weed, simply smelling/being around the stuff is like being in a strip club when you’re a celibate priest: a lil uncomfortable.

Moreover, Barkley repeated (he’s said this before) that he’s “not a pot guy” and has smoked “like three times, five times in my life.” Cause, of course, he gets a bad case of the munchies and crushes potato chips. Imagine how big Barkley would be if he actually had weed munchies?

Barkley also took his time to tell a nice college story about weed and crap on the Knicks:

“There was this one guy I played with in college. We tried to do an intervention because he smoked pot all the time, and he was one of the best shooters I have ever played with in my life… He smoked pot relentlessly.

“Coach said, I want you guys to do an intervention,” Barkley said. “The guy said, Okay, I’ll stop smoking pot.

“The guy could not hit a shot. So we went back to the coach and said, ‘Coach, we need him to start smoking pot again.’” Barkley, Patrick and the studio crew laughed loudly.

“This guy could not make a shot (when he was) off the pot. It was hilarious.” The studio erupted in laughter.

“Maybe the Knicks need to start smoking pot,” Patrick quipped a moment later.

“Not even pot could help them,” Barkley replied. [Weed News]

Speaking from experience…he’s right. Pot couldn’t help the Knicks, and it sure doesn’t make watching them any more bearable.



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