Clemson’s QB Threw for a Record 420 Yards Last Night While Winning National Championship

Last night’s game felt stoners versus drunks. Clemson were the hip, slick stoners dodging the drunk, monstrous savages that ‘Bama breeds. In the end, the team with a coach named Dab-o took down the team with a coach who quite likely has never touched the devil’s lettuce/is the devil.

And they did it in style. DeShaun Watson threw for a fitting 420 yards, a new CFB Championship record:

?? when you just threw for 420 yards and really need visine #champions #clemson #byebama

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Now can someone please direct him to the nearest 7-11 for some Visine. Those tears of joy/anticipating his post-game bong rip aren’t going to wipe themselves.



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