Josh Gordon Failed ANOTHER Drug Test for Weed


I hope the story we should be writing is that the NFL fucked up Gordon’s drug test and this whole saga will get sorted out/he’ll play another snap in the NFL…but that outcome sounds unlikely.

Johnny Football’s roommate‘s NFL future/career is in serious doubt after reports say he failed another drug test for marijuana thanks to a diluted sample last month:

Gordon’s sample was positive for marijuana and dilute. Both Gordon’s “A” and “B” samples were positive for marijuana and dilute, Fox Sports reported. According to the report, the level of marijuana in the wide receiver’s system was below the 35 nanogram threshold but the diluted sample is the same as a positive test by the NFL’s standards.

Translation: Gordon likely drank so much water/grapefruit juice/whatever to overwhelm the weed in his system that his sample became diluted. Or something fishy happened with the NFL’s test and the guy is innocent. I don’t know but it all smells like shit because if there was any weed in his system that means he’s been smoking in the few months.

We choose weed over almost everything. We love the stuff so we get Josh Gordon’s dilemma. But choosing weed over the one thing in life you’re better than pretty much everyone else alive save a handful of guys makes absolutely no sense.

And though he claims to have never smoked weed since the NFL draft, Gordon appears to have done exactly that yet again. Gordon turns 25 tomorrow, so it’s not like his life or career are in a coffin. But like a Justin Blackmon (where art thou) or to a further extent Ryan Leaf, drug problems (even with weed) end careers. It’s also REALLY hard to take two years off from the NFL.

There’s no way Gordon ever should’ve been suspended for smoking weed. The NFL’s policy is a load of shit and him and Blackmon and Will Hill and everyone shouldn’t have to ever get tested for the stuff. But the lack of discipline is pretty mind-blowing/hard to feel bad for when you know your whole life hinges on not getting blazed.

The old saying goes money pussy weed. The money comes before the weed for a reason. Gordon needs to figure that out in a hurry.



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