NASCAR Bans Vaporizer Advertisement From Race Car

The sports world almost received what would have been its first (or at least one of its first) major ad placements. Colorado-based vaporizer company Veedverks bought a logo placement on NASCAR driver Carl Long’s No. 66 car at the Kansas Speedway.

But before Long even hit the ignition, NASCAR pushed the emergency brake hard:

The logo for Colorado-based Veedverks was plastered on Long’s green and yellow No. 66 for tech inspection, but a NASCAR spokesman said it was never vetted and approved. And when officials learned of the hood logo, they had crew members remove it before the car went to the track. [The Cannabist]

Ironically, this story has gone viral and the ad on Long’s car has resulted in far more press/love than it would’ve gotten from having its website on a random NASCAR driver’s car. Truly a remarkable advertising bang for buck story all facilitated by NASCAR being absurd.

It’s 2017: weed ads are coming everywhere. The homies at West Coast Cure already have their logo on MMA fighter’s shorts. I wouldn’t be surprised if in 10 years Weedmaps isn’t plastered on Jordan Spieth’s hat and if NBA players have jerseys with the Nameless Genetics logo on them. Just makes too much sense to weave sports in with the weed.

There’s money in this weed stuff, and the first sporting leagues to capitalize on the green rush will make serious bank. There’s beer at stadiums. Why not weed?




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