NFL Player “Randomly” Drug Tested After Posting Picture With a “Hand Rolled Cigar”

Jonathan Casillas is an NFL linebacker that has two Super Bowl Rings. Jonathan Casillas, 29, has never failed a drug test in his entire career.

Casillas posted this sweet looking photo of him smoking a “hand rolled Dominican cigar” on an ATV because it was literally too lit not to post:

Then the NFL boogeyman sent Casillas a little note:

Random lol, what a coincidence (see previous post) ??‍♂️

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I want to say Casillas is full of shit and that he’s got to be smoking a blunt. But I don’t think any amount of hits (the violent kind) would allow an NFL player to incriminate himself like this. The jury is out–literally.

The NFL, on the other hand is full of shit. Them drug testing Casillas is a kind of “random” coincidence as to having sex with a girl with the clap and then “randomly” getting the clap. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

And the NFL definitely knows that–the league performs offseason drug testing every year, “randomly,” on 4/20.



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